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28. September 2022
Arts Fair
The Arts Society
Marina Alta
10:00 - 16:00
@ Salones Carrasco
Cami Cabanes 15


Sabin artiste - portrait of the artist
About Sabin Artiste//


My love for painting sparked off a little later in life, but all the more fiercely for it. As an autodidact, I have acquired and learned techniques myself under difficult conditions. This artistic path, which was at times rocky, bumpy, groping, discarding, opened doors for me and pushed me forward. Painting is my life, my vocation, my purpose and my soul.


The richness of oil paint, the quick drying of acrylic paint, the transparency of watercolor, they exert a special fascination on me. I love to experiment, to discard and start again. Creativity between chaos and order, creation and destruction - a process. In every phase of the creative process I encounter the interplay of chaos and order, creation and destruction. Playfully depicting unconscious processes. When painting I get into a meditative state and time no longer exists for me. I am in the here and now.





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